31 January 2011

Meet Me

Eva & Rachel

cutest!i want too!

Somebody has a crush on me here! Merci!

A prepáčte mi za tú reťazovku! :D

30 January 2011


Prosím vezmite ma niekto 1.2. sú v Prahe.

A potom je tu 1 taká čudná vecička, ktorej nerozumiem a keďže som v poslednom čase neobjavila žiaden blog a som len zvedavá, čo by kto napísal, máme tu reťazovku! :D

I got an award from Nora, merci!

The rules:

- Tell us 7 things about yourself what we don't know
- Award 5 recently discovered bloggers
- Contact these bloggers and let them know they've received the award

7 Things about myself:

  • Im true McFly fan. I live in Supercity and Im a Pioneer!
  • Ive got 3 Tumblr blogs
  • Once I played Sims 24hours
  • When I was little girl I wanna be a mother
  • When Carolina Engman came on lookbook.nu I hate her
  • Ive got 3 Polaroids and no films
  • Im afraid of fish

5 Blogs Im curious about:

My boyfriend is killing me.

more on my flickr

kamene z Crystalized si môžte kúpiť v tomto obchode

28 January 2011

Dear Paulina,

Today I received a package from Australia.
It was a giveaway I won on Autilia's blog. Love.

23 January 2011


H&M showroom costume, tights, vintage blouse, Topshop wedges, lanvin the kitty

20 January 2011


H&M showroom blouse and sweater, New Yorker leather panel jeans, fake Balenciaga boots, feng-shui crystals


my Elle diary
you can´t see everything.too much flash

17 January 2011

16 January 2011


christmas sweater H&M showroom, Topshop bunny ears, H&M heart ring, DIY heart necklace

Christmas wishes came true.

 kiss me H&M showroom
 vintage bag
 daisy love
 christmas platform heels H&M showroom
fake balenciaga or sam edelman boots

15 January 2011

Christmas Day

H&M showroom peter pan collar dress
vintage green gown
diy heart necklace, lanvin the kitty

Christmas days on my tumblr