26 February 2011

24 February 2011


I wish I were in school right now and somebody could give me this lovely blue bag.love.
Mulberry campaign backstage here.


socks American Apparel

Birthday gift from Suzanne. MERCI!
Tuto ma môžte nájsť na FB a tuto môžte za mňa hlasovať ak chcete.
Here is my facebook page if you want.

20 February 2011

Secret Merci

Iw knows where to shop! She bought this heart for me (she had this for giveaway too).
Danny showed us the most amazing secondhand in Prague where I found this bag. 
(only 30kč)

All I Ever Wanted

: teleport and these boots in the beginning

15 February 2011

Pexeso Rules

butterflies & cats
my first
Agnes is/has a kitty
Kaa is/has a baby
She is engaged
They're friends not lovers
Sophie didn't win so much
Kaa is proud