31 July 2013

28 July 2013

M Sisters

Kto to ešte nevie (Ivan Kašša nevedel), tak my s Kaa sme sestry, obe bývame v Prahe, Kaa je o 5 rokov mladšia, 5cm centimetrov nižšia a 8 kilo ľahšia. A M preto, že sme Maťovky!
Sisters who love IKEA.

27 July 2013


Last night we were on Start-track party, I was super tired (as you can see on the third photo I was tired all day) and almost fell asleep while I was driving home at midnight - Please talk to me, Kaa! (never ever again). 

25 July 2013

Swimming Pool Time

On friday I'll be wearing my new bikini from Koton for the first time. I made some changes on them, because they were not so perfect - golden pineapples were on the bottom and top had a different shape. The perfect drink for a hot day is lemonade. And in my new Equa glass bottle stays cool much longer and it's healthier than a plastic bottle. And don't forget to use sun cream. I use Bioderma Photoderm Bronz SPF 30 with melanin to speed up tanning process.

23 July 2013

DIY Workshop

As I promised in this article, here is the video of how we were creative and ate a lot of 
ice cream and blueberries.

music: Ta-ku - Higher (Flume rmx) (also in my summer drive mixtape)

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21 July 2013

Be Creative

I wore this outfit at diy, upcycling, recycling workshop at H&M showroom. Fresh fruit, delicious ice-cream and tasty peas. Everybody was so creative (Jakub Polanka and Miro Sabo were there too). I didn't make anything for me but I helped Kaa and Ter, I had to leave earlier and then, when I was on train I got an idea for upcycling, but it was too late. I brought some old clothes to H&M recycle bin. These bins are in all H&M shops (from 22/7) in Czech republic and Slovakia and for each bag with old clothes you get 1euro coupon in H&M. Video from party is coming soon.

18 July 2013

Weird Things Happened

Weird yellow combo. Accidentaly I found 3 pieces in the same color. 
Pyjama shorts & towel T-shirt.

My Zenit is still broken. Noooo!

14 July 2013


Last night in Berlin we were in a vietnamese karaoke bar (HERE) / great end of this good weird day (before we saw a metal band in a park and met Salomé - sculpture artist selling her stuff at a garage/studio sale.

09 July 2013

Honest With Myself

I forgot my swimsuit in Prague so I had to borrow Kaa's old never used "jazz" swimsuit (absolutely not right for my bodytype, but whatever I was just at my auntie). There was great BBQ party with swimming pool, trampoline, hammock, ice-cream and ice-cream made of sand (made by my cousin Max - so delicious). 

My Zenit is broken.