28 August 2013

Love & Peace

It was a great day with Bohemic & Pavleye Art and Culture & Ana Tzarev & million bubbles. Music is by Luke Mayen. He's got new EP out now. Check it out ---> HERE 

//photos are coming soon

26 August 2013

The End of Summer Review

It's the end of summer, not just the end of August and the weather is not so sunny anymore. Who wants rainy days, cold nights and this feeling, when you can't sit anywhere outside because it's too cold/wet? Nobody. So I'm prolonging my summer with nail polishes, eyeshadows and my birthday party.  I'm so excited!

23 August 2013

Berlin Trip

Waffles, burgers, vietnamese karaoke (Avril Lavigne - I'm With You, Joan Osborne - One Of Us), abandoned Spreepark, the most delicious ice-cream from Lidl, Tempelhof (I want to see it inside!), random metal band in a park and meeting with Salomé (I wrote about her HERE) and this great exhibition.

19 August 2013

Sweet Candy

Finally home from roadtrip. Well, we need more days...it was too short to discover 
everything interesting. Photos are coming!

06 August 2013


I made it! I had one little problem, but my brother helped me and now let's go to Serba, Romania and Bulgaria...see you in 11 days. KONSTRUKTOR

03 August 2013


Do you remember this combo? Well, I get another Coca-cola T-shirt 
from Anežka, Terka and Kaa. Thank you!